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LEAP has lept to 2040

LEAP’s domain name has changed from leap2020.net to leap2040.eu !

This change of URL is a symbolic signal sent on purpose right after the European election.

This move has been scheduled a few months ago. We explained our intention in this article last February: From LEAP 2020 to LEAP 2040, a new generation to redefine the European project.

Of course, it doesn’t belong to our generation alone (collectively born in the 60s-70s) to develop a Vision for 2040 and LEAP 2040 is de facto an intergenerational project.

For LEAP, this new horizon implies two things :

. consolidating our method of political anticipation and developing pedagogical tools around it

. involving young people in LEAP to gradually develop a Vision GlobalEurope2040 (1) based on our historical background and methodology

On both aspects, we’ve been doing work this year : Europe2040 junior webinars (2), cooperation with AEGEE on Europe 2040, INSEEC/IFAEE/LEAP research and training projects.

From next September onward we hope to start bringing some articulate intergenerational-based added-value to the debate on the future of Europe in the world.

Stay tuned and join the move if you like (3) !

(1) In 2003, as a synthesis of 4 years of seminars and reflexion, LEAP’s ancestor, the think-tank Europe 2020, published the book “Vision Europe 2020, reinventing Europe 2005-2020“. It is to this kind of process that we invite representatives of today’s GlobalEuropean generation motivated to freely define their own generational 20-year ahead project.

(2) These webiinars have contributed to the drafting of a first list of  “10 areas of concern regarding the Europeans’ future” published on 10 April 2019.

(3) Don’t hesitate to express your interest to : info@leap2040.eu

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