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The European Laboratory of Political Anticipation (LEAP) is a think-tank now mainly dedicated to research, teaching and the application of its original method of rationalisation of the future: political anticipation.

Franck Biancheri

LEAP belongs to the movement of citizen organisations initiated in 1985 by Franck Biancheri (1961-2012) as part of his European democratisation project.

Europe 2020

In 1998, it created the Europe 2020 think-tank, whose “EU-Governance 2020 Anticipation Seminars“, organised from 2000 to 2003 in partnership with the European Commission, the Council of the EU and the National Ministries of Foreign and European Affairs, led to the publication of Vision Europe 2020.


In 2005, LEAP replaced Europe2020, resolutely basing its work on the “method of political anticipation” empirically developed over the decades and formalised from 2009 onwards as part of the first training cycles (carried out in partnership with La Sorbonne, then FEFAP) and the resulting Manual of Political Anticipation.


In January 2006, LEAP launched its confidential letter, the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB), whose detailed anticipation of the global systemic crisis and the subprime crisis spread around the world, earning the respect of the academic community.

The method of political anticipation

Today headed by Marie-Hélène Caillol, LEAP is now essentially dedicated to developing the potential for democratization of the future offered by its method, a decision-making tool adapted to the 21st century complex world and agile organizational mode.

LEAP-Deep: Expressing all the method’s potential
Research on the method is carried out in partnership with researchers and other think-tanks (LICA)

LEAP-Academy: Teaching the future / Training in the method

. The principles and method of political anticipation are taught in higher education institutions (INSEEC)

. Ad’hoc training courses can be developed on request

LEAP-Lab: Applying the method / Anticipating the steps of the great « global systemic transition »
Every month in 5 languages, the GEAB applies the method to understanding/anticipating the ongoing global systemic transition.

LEAP-Consult: Advising / Helping organizations to integrate a culture of the future
Faced with the growing interest aroused by its work, LEAP offers consulting services to companies / administrations on request.

For further information on these activities, please contact Georgeta Grama-Moldovan

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