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3D rendering of colorful glass balls on reflective surface and the years from 2020 to 2040

From LEAP 2020 to LEAP 2040: a new generation to redefine the European project

On the twentieth anniversary of the launch of LEAP/Europe2020, we are reaching the horizon set in 1999 by Franck Biancheri and his team. Based on the experience and lessons drawn from this project, we believe that the anticipations and proposals produced during these years are more relevant than ever. Political Europe and the citizens we want are not yet a reality, and some of the challenges we have identified are still ahead of us.

It is therefore natural that a generational transition would take place. Coherent with our objectives, we will not postpone the deadline we set ourselves. It seems more appropriate to transmit to a new generation our method of political anticipation and the values ​​and principles of LEAP and Franck Biancheri networks.

Born around the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, having grown up in a European Union presented as evidence and a unique solution to the problems of the last century, this new generation decides to place its own horizon to 2040. It agrees with expectations of the LEAP since the early 2000s, and takes over the project’s fundamentals: to put European construction back in the hands of the continent’s citizens, thanks to a forward-looking analysis of political issues, with the aim of formulating recommendations and actions that everyone can take and make. These ambitions will be carried by a team of young, multi-disciplinary, independent and non-partisan Europeans.

We are at a historic turning point in the construction of Europe, with a key member ready to leave the ship and a founding member questioning the foundations of the European project, a fundamental redefinition of relations between the nations of the continent is now underway. This redefinition, we want it to be made by and for the new generations, and not imposed by “representatives” of the citizens, as it was at the dawn of the Union of European Nations.

We invite you to follow this transition work from LEAP 20020 to LEAP 2040 which begins with a first webinar on Tuesday 4 February at 7pm on the theme: “Back to basics: why Europe?”. If you are interested in participating, please send a message to lafon.jordi@gmail.com.

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