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May GEAB – Europe/World : Transfigurations

New world, new Europe, new faces. Since 2006, the GEAB anticipates the different steps of the global systemic transformation. Concerning Europe, the tipping point is this year, with the European election for catalyst. But with Europe tipping into a new era, the face of the world is about to change.

A lot is said about faces and face changes in this issue. Also included the much awaited global calendar of the next 4 months, and the usual investment recommendations… with a special focus on silver.

Figure out the future : read GEAB !



The new face of post-election Europe

Faces of the future – Manfred Weber: Bringing Parliament and the Commission into line

Middle East: The summer will be hot

Calendar of future events (May-September 2019): 28 dates that will change the world… or not

Investment : Spotlight on silver

Investments, trends and recommendations (May 2019)


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