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Marie-Hélène Caillol (FR), President

A humanist first and foremost. She dedicates her backgroung as sociologist and linguist to consistently invent ways to mobilise citizens – in particular young citizens – in the construction of their future society. Since 2006, LEAP has been her playfield but she followed a long trajectory of European citizen organisations and projects with a global perspective (Prometheus-Europe, NICOMed, UNDP, Europe 2020, Euro-BRICS…). #education #democratisation #politicalanticipation

José Maria Compagni Morales (ES), Secretary General

Today focuses his efforts in the field of education in management and political anticipation, as well as the promotion of SMEs and local economies. Studied Law at the University of Seville and did an International Executive MBA by IE Business School. Has lived in different countries and managed companies all over the world, getting a deep international background. Since his early youth, he has been advocating for the democratisation of the European Union and participated actively in several organizations (AEGEE,  IDEEAL, IDE, EU Student vote).
#European democratisation #politicalanticipation #businessandmanagement #education
Véronique Swinkels (NL), Treasurer

Social designer and creative facilitator. Entrepreneur for more than 30 years with a background in marketing, strategy and management at the comms agency BBK/Door Vriendschap (Amsterdam). Make the world a better place by applying entrepreneurship and creativity to social challenges. Accelerating sustainability and creating teams that can lead from the future and are ready for change. Pioneering for European democracy since 1988 with the first European party IDE (Initiative for a European Democracy, 1989 elections European Parliament), Prometheus-Europe, Newropeans (2009 European Elections), Euro-Brics and AAFB.
#Bcorp #commsforgood #SDGs #theoryU #deepdemocracy #socialchange #earthrights #campaigning #creativityforgood

Geta Grama Moldovan (RO), General Manager

A true Biancherian, as well as a linguist with a 9-year experience in corporate banking (Société Générale), moved back to the Franck Biancheri Networks in 2014 to manage the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB). Also part of the Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri (AAFB) with her vivid experience of his organisations/projects (Prometheus-Europe, Tiesweb, EUStudentVote, Newropeans 2000, Newropeans award…). A devoted wife and mother living with her family in Transylvania.
#puremanagement #franckbiancherinetwork #geabbyleap

Moreover LEAP collaborates with an array of occasional contributors from Europe and beyond.

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