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GEAB – A much-awaited January edition and its series of Trends for 2019

The much-awaited January edition and its collection of trends for the coming year has arrived.

The 2019 panorama drawn up by the GEAB team is a lot less bleak than those suggested by the press, unanimously terrified by change, the new generations, the prospect of its own disappearance… in a word, the future…

In particular, we distinguish two very different periods in 2019: the first, consistent with the end of 2018, will continue to cause concern… but this should, in our opinion, gradually resolve following a series of ‘game-changers’ that should occur between March and June.

Some keywords for the year as clues: simplification, landing and hardening. These keywords are all reflected, for example, in the recovery of the importance of gold that we anticipate in 2019, which has given rise to a specific article on this topic, to which has been added a series of 7 investment recommendations.

As well as gold, in response to the general concern, we consider where it is wise to place one’s savings in the current context of great financial uncertainty.

See you on GEAB.eu as we unveil these new insights !

In the meantime, we wish you again a Happy New Year… according to the wise maxim that ‘prevention is better than cure’ 🙂

A detailed summary of the GEAB 131 :

. Panorama 2019: LEAP’s up & down trends

. The looming financial crisis: A self-fulfilling narrative?

. Gold – A ‘Barbarous Relic’ or a proven store of value?

. Seven ways to secure your wealth in gold

. More recommendations

Read the free excerpt on GEAB.eu

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