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December GEAB – Europe over troubled waters

With the European elections just around the corner, the last pillar of the ‘twentieth century model’ of European construction has just fallen victim to a French people voicing their anger over the socially unbearable nature of compliance with European rules. France, aware of its inability to carry the old European dynamic on its own, is now falling into line with the rest of the EU – priority to national interest in the absence of any identified European community interest …
In this December edition, we also provide some further analysis on the crisis that crypto-currencies are currently going through as well as the thirteenth annual evaluation of our work since the advent of the GEAB. And the second part of our new series entitled ‘paradigm shift’ will be dedicated to the understanding of the politico-economic models being invented within the 21st century multipolar world.

Detailed contents:
. Welcome to the “geab.eu after”! (Edito by MH Caillol)
. First semester of 2019 – Anger of nations, Balkans, end of the QE, Special Purpose Vehicle, Brexit, Elections… Europe: Countdowns are on!
. A changing paradigm: Glimpses of what is coming after the global “nationalist” wave (part two)
. Cryptocurrencies/Blockchain: From tax to democracy, the real ongoing revolution
. Investments, trends and recommendations (Dec 2018)
. An evaluation of our anticipations for 2018 (drawn from GEAB No 121 of January 2018): 68% successful


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