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November GEAB – Europe and the next wave of crises

The GEAB is a crisis bulletin, but our team of researchers often explores how the system is being mended and reinvented. Not in this issue entirely dedicated to anticipating the giga-crises that the final period of systemic transition promises. Europe is at the centre of this exercise of observation of ...

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Reform of Global Gouvernance as a matter of urgency – The Euro-BRICS rapprochement at the service of the system’s upgrade or as a matrix of a new model ?

Strategic note, derived from the 4th Euro-BRICS seminar (Moscow, May 23-24th 2013) 04/07/2013 SEMINAR’S FULL REPORT RECOMMANDATIONS AUX DIRIGEANTS DU G20, EN AMONT DU SOMMET DE ST PETERSBOURG Chinese translation of the Strategic Note Portuguese translation of the Strategic Note Russian translation of the Strategic Note The crisis of legitimacy ...

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Europe: a Union without citizens!

by régis Jamin 29/06/2004 Europe has entered into electoral dissent, there is no doubt about it. The big winner of these European elections in 2004 was the abstentionist party with 56% of non-voters, or 232 million citizens among the 352 million voters called to the polls. Unfortunately, this is exactly ...

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Globalization and transatlantic relations – related destinies

by Marie-Laure Djelic 19/06/2002 From the “best of all worlds”…. A few years ago, the world was simple, probably too simple. Western capitalism was triumphant and exploring new frontiers. Following the collapse of communism, there were territories to conquer. There was also a technological revolution underway that stimulated growth. Firms ...

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Enlargement in a post-Euro EU: Estimating the new political factors

  ecutive summary Seminar EU-Governance 2020/3 (Paris, February 4, 2002) 04/02/2002     INTRODUCTION The anticipation seminar ” Enlargement in a post-Euro EU: Estimating the new political factors ” organized by the Association Europe 2020, was held on February 4th, 2020, at the Kleber Centre of International Conferences (Paris), thanks ...

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