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GEAB N°19 (November 15, 2007 ) – Contents

{{International banks get dragged into financial crisis’ « black hole »: Four triggering factors of a major financial bankruptcy}} LEAP/E2020 now estimates that at least one large US financial institution (bank, insurance, investment fund) will file for bankruptcy before February 2008, sparking off bankruptcies among a series of other financial ...

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GEAB N°18 (October 16, 2007 ) – Contents

{{Seven sequences of the impact phase of the global systemic crisis (2007-2009)}} The magnitude of the first banking financial shock felt last August indicated to our team of researchers that the impact will develop under the form of seven sequences or seven major shocks affecting sometimes specifically the world’s main ...

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GEAB N°17 (September 16, 2007 ) – Contents

{{At the heart of the crisis: « The trading of the US debt »}} The main cause to the current systemic crisis is in the United States. This “end of the Western world as we’ve known it since 1945 ” anticipated by LEAP/E2020 in February 2006, is the collapse in ...

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February 16th 2007

{{Global systemic crisis – April 2007: Inflexion point of the phase of impact / US economy enters recession}} In this February issue, LEAP/E2020 details the nature and sequence of ongoing developments meant for all concerned players (currency or financial market operators, investors, international traders, political and economic decisions-makers or analysts) ...

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January 16th 2007

{{Impact phase of the Global Systemic Crisis: Six aspects of America’s « Very Great Depression » }} The year 2007 will witness the sliding of the US into the « Very Great Depression », i.e., the rare historical conjunction of a severe economic depression, a strategic collapse and a major ...

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