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GEAB N°17 (September 16, 2007 ) – Contents

{{At the heart of the crisis: « The trading of the US debt »}}

The main cause to the current systemic crisis is in the United States. This “end of the Western world as we’ve known it since 1945 ” anticipated by LEAP/E2020 in February 2006, is the collapse in all its dimensions (economic, monetary, financial, diplomatic, intellectual and strategic) of the central pillar of the 20th century world incarnated by the US… (page 2)

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{{The current crisis explained in one thousand words}}

Our team of researchers has decided to focus on the analysis of the nature of the ongoing global systemic crisis and to publish an explanation in 1000 words only of the current crisis and its articulation with the systemic crisis altogether. We hope that this explanation, using a simple language, will help each and everyone to understand upcoming events… (page 5)

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{{Reasons why central bankers are now powerless in the face of a global systemic crisis that has basically nothing to do with the 1929 crisis}}

LEAP/E2020’s opinion about today’s central bankers could be summed up in this short literary sentence: « A world is collapsing and they are part of it ». But of course we will go beyond the expression, because LEAP/E2020 researchers are used to go deep down things and to carefully legitimate each of their analyses… (page 11)

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{{Fourteen strategic and tactical advices to cross the crisis safely }}

(page 18)

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{{A directionless EU in the midst of a global crisis }}

The first semester of 2007 conveyed two hopes for European leaders: that of a solid and sustainable growth, and that of a political revival thanks to the project of mini-treaty. But the second semester will disappoint them deeply as the ongoing global crisis will erase the expected growth… (page 19)

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{{French president Nicolas Sarkozy faced to great difficulties at the end of 2007 }}

More contextually but not less significantly, the new French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s arrival into the European game is becoming a source of enduring tensions in the EU… (page 20)

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{{GlobalEurometre – Results & Analyses}}

As regards NATO, 30% of respondents think that the new French president Nicolas Sarkozy will break a Gaullist taboo and try to bring France back into NATO’s military structure (only 52% believe the contrary… (page 22)

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