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LEAP-INSEEC / Political anticipation goes to school

For more than a year, Political Anticipation as defined by LEAP has been the subject of classes at the INSEEC group of private higher education.

Introduction to the method, Anticipation applied to geopolitics, Political anticipation’s methods applied to the drafting of White Papers, Leadership and anticipation, Training of trainers, Deployment of a culture of the future in its educational project,….. through its partnership with LEAP, INSEEC is positioning itself as a European pioneer in teaching the future.

Since the beginning, LEAP has affirmed the educational vocation of its method of political anticipation, self-claimed as “non-expert” and “accessible to all” precisely because the future had yet to be “democratized”.

Now the trend is definitely there. After companies that have increasingly equipped themselves with anticipation tools, the most visionary schools are beginning to integrate this discipline into their syllabi, or even into their corporate culture, defining themselves as “laboratories for the future”.

This is an opportunity for LEAP to refine its empirical method, born from a committed citizenship practice and successfully applied each month since 2006 (in the GEAB) to the analysis of political, geopolitical, economic, financial, technological news,…

Thanks to INSEEC and the work done with this school, we are now able to assess the potential for applying our method to the business sector, a potential that seems infinite…

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