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VIDEO – Is European defence dead already ?

Is the EU about to give up any project of strategic independence in favour of a NATO-centred defence system ? If so what would be the consequences on countries most attached to an independent continental defence such as France ? What would be the consequences on Europe’s foreign relations ?

This discussion relates to the German Defence Minister’s declaration : “The idea of Europe’s strategic autonomy goes too far if it fosters the illusion that we can guarantee security, stability and prosperity in Europe without NATO and without the US“.

Watch the kind of debate you won’t find on your TVset!

Debaters :

– Marie Helene Caillol, President of Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique (FR)
– Marianne Ranke-Cormier, President of #CitizensRoute (FR/DE/AT)
– Adrian Taylor, Founder of 4sign Foresight to strategy Foresight to Strategy for Sustainability and Security in Governance (UK/DE)
– Edouard Husson, French historian specialist of contemporary Germany, currently president of the Robert de Sorbon Foundation (FR)
– Pietro Beltrame, Information & Communication Technology Manager & Consultant, Latin America referent of the Geopolitic & Defence Departement of Movimento Roosevelt Italia (IT)

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