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November GEAB – Europe and the next wave of crises

The GEAB is a crisis bulletin, but our team of researchers often explores how the system is being mended and reinvented. Not in this issue entirely dedicated to anticipating the giga-crises that the final period of systemic transition promises.

Europe is at the centre of this exercise of observation of the risks induced by the second wave of Covid, by the uncertainties linked to the next American presidency which will certainly not be what our media believe, by the disruption that big tech will cause in the financial markets, by the consequences of the global economic crisis on immigration flows and those of a revival of these flows on our political systems, by the disappearance of the concept of citizen resulting from an efficient but utterly disconnected system of governance, by the insufficient consideration of the dangers resulting from the cyber-world where wars of a new nature are being waged, etc…

At the crossroads of so many conflicting trends, the intuition of the next crisis has imposed itself…

To be discovered in this November issue!

Contents :

Covid, NATO, Migrants… Flashback to all European crises

First Steps in the Cyberjungle…

Financial Markets in Turmoil, Endemic Violence, Stabilisation Needed: What Will the Next Catastrophe Be?

2030 – The Amazon Risk and the Need to Rethink the Current Agricultural Model of the Americas

Mid-November: International Summits Congestion

Investments, trends and recommendations (Nov 2020)

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