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Seminar GlobalEurope 3 / EU-CIS

  Warsaw (Foksal Palace), March 12, 2004 12/03/2004   Organised in partnership with the Diplomatic Academy of Poland Seminar’s executive summary Concept After the enlargement Russia will become an important direct neighbour of the European Union. Though this situation represents no change at all for the majority of new members ...

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Middle East 2020: the region which needs two ’dreams’

  by Franck Biancheri 09/03/2004   Two years ago, at the first Miami Transatlantic Week, participants and speakers from two sides of the Atlantic declared that it was time for both European and American civil societies to help Arabs and Israelis to build up a peaceful and democratic Middle East. ...

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The United Nations and New York

by Belisarius 02/03/2004 As a sign of the times, the United Nations building in New York, a post-war legacy, needs to be thoroughly renovated. It is not (only) a question of removing the microphones of Blair, Bush and others. Almost 60 years after its conception, while the silhouette remains elegant, ...

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2004 or the birth of Euroland

by Franck Biancheri 12/02/2004 2004 will be the year of enlargement (certainly), the constitution (perhaps) and Euroland (undoubtedly)! The Stability Pact, which had never had the slightest chance of working to manage Euroland, has now lapsed. The EU-25 will be paralysed from May 2004 and will therefore become unable to ...

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What common EU policy towards North America by 2020?

Executive summary – Seminar GlobalEurope 2020 EU/North America (The Hague, January 28, 2004) 12/02/2004 « The transatlantic future is not what it used to be » Clingendael Institute This sentence perfectly qualifies the richness and quality of the contributions and discussions that took place in the framework of the 2nd ...

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Quelle politique d’immigration pour l’Europe ?

par Harald Greib 09/02/2004   Objectif de ce document Ce document entend servir de base de réflexion sur une politique d’immigration de l’Europe à l’horizon 2020. Fidèle à la manière de travailler d’Europe 2020, il ne s’agira pas de proposer des réponses et des solutions toutes faites qui n’existent de ...

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Seminar GlobalEurope 2 / EU-North America

The Hague (Clingendael Institute), January 28, 2004 28/01/2004 Organised in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Concept Relations between EU and North America are the central strategic axis of international relations in the coming decades. Those two continents represent both the greatest democratic groups in the world and ...

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Sustaining the Transatlantic Bridge

by Brian Murphy 15/12/2003   The transatlantic relationship has experienced a period of turbulence that has generated questions about its durability and relevance. The New Transatlantic Agenda (1995) sought to maintain a healthy partnership when it launched a series of citizen-level dialogues to build bridges across the Atlantic. These dialogues, ...

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