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Europe: a Union without citizens!

by régis Jamin 29/06/2004 Europe has entered into electoral dissent, there is no doubt about it. The big winner of these European elections in 2004 was the abstentionist party with 56% of non-voters, or 232 million citizens among the 352 million voters called to the polls. Unfortunately, this is exactly ...

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France’s industrial policy after the Aventis-Sanofi merger

by Tim Rogmans 16/06/2004 It took until the terrorist attacks in Madrid for French Prime Minsiter Raffarin to finally speak out on the battle for Aventis between French/German Sanofi and the Switzerland based Novartis. Raffarin said that in this age of terrorism France must make sure that it always has ...

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Citizens of the European Union, to your weblogs!

by régis Jamin 02/06/2004 The forthcoming European elections on 13 June will once again demonstrate the democratic deficit suffered by our Union, whether through high abstention rates or through the weak European programmes of the national parties.

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New EU states – Extending democracy through the media

by Charles Fletcher 19/05/2004 Ten years ago, young Romanian journalists training at the BBC School in Bucharest dismissed guidelines on the use of violent pictures in television news. The BBC guideline calls for more sensitivity, restraint on the amount of violent images that can be screened, particularly together in one ...

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What common EU policy towards Africa?

  Executive summary – Seminar GlobalEurope 2020 / EU-Africa (Brussels, May 5, 2004) 18/05/2004   When the European Communities were founded in 1957, the vast majority of the African continent was still part of the European colonial empires. This tells a lot on how ancient EU-African relations are. Africa is ...

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A European proposal for an exit strategy from Iraq

  by Franck Biancheri 17/05/2004   In the present circumstances Iraq has no way out from chaos. Quite the contrary : everyday seems to bring even more confusion and sense of tragedy : militia fights, jail abuses, terrorist attacks, bitter oppositions within the US, soaring human and financial costs of US occupation, ...

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Transatlantic Leadership facing Tomorrow’s Challenges

  Executive summary – 2nd Transatlantic Miami Week (April 26th/30th 2004) 13/05/2004   For three days, a hundred participants and speakers coming from throughout the USA and the European Union, and also from Middle East and Africa, have gathered into the superb location of Miami Children’s Museum in order to ...

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Seminar GlobalEurope 4 / EU-Africa

Brussels (Egmont Palace), May 5, 2004 05/05/2004 Organised in partnership with the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seminar’s executive summary Concept Relations between Europe and Africa are very ancient. Contrary to most other regions in the word, the EU has for itself a rather long experience of relation to African ...

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