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Make Your Vote Count

by Adrian Taylor 23/04/2004     Governments and elections Imagine what a scandal would follow if a general election in any EU Member State led to the nomination of a Prime Minister from a party that clearly lost. Worse still, if the policy programme that the Prime Minister designate presented ...

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Can Hungary Compete?

by Magdolna Csath 16/04/2004   There are only five months before 10 more countries become full members of the EU. How well prepared these countries are for the challenges of the membership, and how ready the EU is for handling the unexpectedly emerging problems and potential shocks of enlargement ? There ...

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Transatlantic – Europe2020 / Tiesweb cooperation

  16/04/2004   Born more or less at the same time (1997-98), Tiesweb [1] and Europe 2020 often worked together with the hope to contribute to reinforce transatlantic links from a “people-to-people” point of view. Beyond the structural partnership binding the two organisations, a number of concrete events brought them together: ...

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Parmalat scandal is a wake-up call for European corporate governance

by Tim Rogmans 04/04/2004   So far 29 executives of Parmalat and its banks and auditors have been charged in what is certainly Europe’s largest financial scandal ever. Profits have been overstated, fictitious bank accounts with billions of euros were created and perhaps € 1bn of investors’ money was siphoned ...

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What common EU policy towards Russia by 2020?

Executive summary – Seminar GlobalEurope 2020 / UE-Russia (Warsaw, March 12, 2004) 27/03/2004 Europe 2020 chose to sum up the seminar’s discussion in 5 bullet-points – 3 key-ideas and 2 propositions: 1- Russia is no longer a threat for the EU for the coming decades. It is on a contrary ...

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Romania – Multi-level governance or still governing ?

by Laura Trofin 24/03/2004   Regionalisation and/during enlargement in Romania Is the young „regional structure“ challenging the centrality of the Romanian state ? The transition from a highly centralised political-administrative system to a decentralised and regionalised one is not happening very smoothly or rapidly in Romania. Triggered rather by the enlargement ...

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International Education: the only cement for any Transatlantic Bridge

  by Franck Biancheri 18/03/2004   Think of this seemingly stupid sentence :‘the world is getting globalized !’. It does contain something not stupid though as it is true that in today’s world all local issues are now interconnected. From Irak’s war to jobs outsourcing, from scientific research to religious trends, everything ...

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After Iraq: Can We Build a Better World?

  by Adrian Taylor 17/03/2004   A year after the Iraq war, even if the analysis of how to tackle the problems diverge wildly, the good news is that most Europeans and Americans can probably agree that : . There are still numerous threats to global security . The existing global ...

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