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The three post-war scenarios regarding EU-US relations

by Franck Biancheri 17/04/2003 In May 1997, in Washington, at the ’Bridging the Atlantic : People to People’ conference, organized by State Department, EU Commission and Dutch Foreign Affairs, we (a bunch of European and American citizens coming from NGOs and academia) invented TIESWEB in order to increase the relations between ...

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Upon whom will the ashes of Baghdad fall down?

  by Franck Biancheri 14/04/2003   In one way or another, this is the question asked to the entire world today. Strangely, the various answers provided to this question do not seem to depend on people’s appreciation of the military campaign along the two usual criteria: . the probability of ...

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Assessing the impact of Eurorings (a decentralized system)

  Executive summary – Seminar Eurorings (Frankurt, February 24, 2003) 07/03/2003   The aim of the third Eurorings seminar which took place in Frankfurt in cooperation with the Municipality, was to examine the impact a decentralised political and administrative EU system could have on the European public service. Thanks to ...

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Transatlantic perspectives on Iraq

by Tim Erickson 07/02/2003 This war has become a highly emotional issue for all of us. Judging it in a sensible light has become more difficult than ever. Your discussion forum does provide a way to listen to various opinions and put them in perspective” – writes a participant from ...

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Franco-German cooperation is reborn from the ashes?

by Harald Greib 25/01/2003 We always talked about it and often: this cooperation between two countries that had overcome their so-called hereditary antagonisms after three wars in less than a century, a cooperation that had made it possible to begin the path towards a peaceful, prosperous and united Europe. France ...

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