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Anticipation flashback : Warning, profit taking in sight!

Anticipation flashback !

We were right! The market places are facing several disruptions since the beginning of the week. We announced an anticipation of a possibility of profit-taking  due to the rise of the benchmark stock market index. Today, the Dow Jones is collapsing. The CAC40 dropped bellow the value it had on the day of Emmanuel Macron’s election !

Press Review of the morning :

Le Monde : Coup de froid en Bourse, le doute s’empare des marchés

Mémoire des luttes : Un effondrement capitaliste discret? La pré-panique s’installe 

CNN Money : Global stocks plunge after Wall Street bloodbath

The Wall Street Journal : Dow drops More Than 1,100 Points in Stock-Market Rout

What we told the 15 of Janvier 2018 : Warning, profit taking in sight! 

“In a movement similar to what can be observed on financial markets and Bitcoin: many are those manoeuvring to manipulate small investors and fill their pockets. Warning, profit taking in sight! The current raving valuation of stock market assets is very much like that of Bitcoin and could lead to the same regulatory reactions… not before a gigantic profit-taking took place though, end of QE oblige.”

Read the full GEAB N°121  : https://geab.anticipolis.eu and do not hesitate to subscribe for more anticipations and advices.

GEAB by LEAP / Anticipolis

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