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March GEAB – Covid19: The Great accelerator of global transformation

The whole planet lives at the same pace, that of COVID9. This unprecedented situation creates the conditions for the completion of the global systemic transition. The issue published on 15 March  sketches the broad outlines of a post-Covid Europe, one that is very much like the one we have been anticipating for the past 15 years – centred on the euro zone and the ECB, based on a recovered financial capacity, guided by a project for a sustainable society, … The huge shock recorded by our economies will send all the tools of governance back into the hands of the political leaders of the euro zone.

But the GEAB must keep an eye on the major issues of the global systemic crisis, starting with this global geopolitical reconfiguration centred on the Middle East. One crisis could indeed hide another and we must not lose sight of the potentially explosive developments in this part of the world which is delivering in pain the multipolar world of the 21st century. Stillborn or well-alive, that is the question.

Along with its usual recommendations, the GEAB team signed a monthly issue anchored in current events.

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