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School of the future – The LEAP-INSEEC partnership signed

The LEAP-INSEEC partnership signed on 22 January gave substance to the “school of the future” project developed for the second year.

This project consists of training to/raising awareness of the LEAP anticipation method among INSEEC students and teachers (notably via the “research centre designed to bring together and promote the work carried out by the 150 professor-researchers in INSEEC’s various academic units”).

In addition to classes on anticipation or the application of anticipation to geopolitics, leadership or white-paper for example – aimed at students, training sessions, collective intelligence tools (whatsapp, email mailing list) and “Cafés du Futur” are energizing a growing network of teachers around the objective of “developing a culture of the future within a reconnected faculty”.

INSEEC’s resolutely innovative and visionary spirit is clearly revealed in this project. Indeed there aren’t many examples of schools that consciously integrate the future into their pedagogy. However, in a world full tomorrows, the rationalisation of the future is a major challenge in the training of tomorrow’s responsible and lucid professionals. In this field, INSEEC, through its partnership with LEAP, is now among those few schools leading the way.

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