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May GEAB: US election 2020 and GlobalAmerica

For the first time in a long time in an election year, the world is not living at the pace of the US presidential campaign but at the pace of a virus. And yet, if there is one year in which the election could hold surprises, it is this one. Focus on what is happening across the Atlantic and in particular on the emergence of a “new America” that is more global than ever, but potentially much more consensual, that we have seen converging signs of.
This new GEAB also addresses the possible transformations of our healthcare systems on the basis of the testimonies of European medical innovation entrepreneur Jaap Maljers.
It also deals with the governance of the euro zone.
And with the air landscape that is taking shape as a result of the great sweep by Covid19 in the airline sector.
Gold is once again in the spotlight, with the hypothesis of a crisis taking shape.
A fine series of recommendations on the themes of bitcoin, gold, business agility, real estate, the cheap economy, Brazil and the insurance sector seals this May issue.
Governing means planning ahead. More than ever, the GEAB is an important part of your toolbox for understanding the future.

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