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April GEAB – A shifting centre of gravity of the transatlantic relationship

After a focus on the United States in the Covid+election context last month, this new issue of GEAB moves the cursor to Europe to take stock of the evolution of the transatlantic relationship. The analysis concludes that the centre of gravity of this relationship is shifting towards Europe, linked to the old continent’s re-emergence as a credible geopolitical and economic player.
This new issue also proposes a vision of the future of digital data ownership and use based on the idea of individual digital sovereignty.
It also looks at some of the possible impacts of the global energy crisis.
Wishing you a good reading before the summer!
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Contents :

Transatlantic 21: The centre of gravity of the transatlantic relationship is shifting towards Europe

COVID-19 / America21: Fatal chain reaction

Europe 2020-2028: 750 billion euro to change the paradigm… and save the USA

Second half of 2020 – The European test of peace in the Middle East

The World After: The emergence of the Sovereign Digital Citizen

Energy 2020-2050: COP26 must map out the path towards an Intelligent Energy Future

Investments, trends and recommendations (Jun 2020)

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