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July GEAB – Special edition / European tourism

For the first time since the origin, a GEAB edition was released on July 15th !

It consists of a special edition on a sigle topic : European tourism, about which we anticipate a discrepancy between expectations and reality. “The crisis we are anticipating is typical of the transition period we are currently experiencing. Whereas part of the tourism sector is betting on growth proportional to the increase in global tourist flows, its share of the market will, on the contrary, dwindle. Europe will lose its centrality both as an originator and as a host of tourist flows, under the combined effect of increased capacity and quality of tourist reception outside of the EU and the reaching of psychological and material limits within it.”.

Based on this analysis, we suggest that the European tourism sector will have to face “a crisis of stabilisation : how to continue to grow in a context of slowing or even stagnation of flows and supply?” and we list a sries if trends that will inevitably emerge from this context.

An early awaress of the future trends described in this issue is an obvious competitive advantage.

Read special file on geab.eu

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