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Agora of Euroland Citizens, by LEAP2020

LEAP2020, in collaboration with AAFB (Friends of Franck Biancheri Association) and AEGEE-Piraeus, is very happy to introduce you to its new project: AGORA OF EUROLAND CITIZENS !

What is the Euroland Agora?


Euroland Agora recognizes Eurozone as a fertile ground to initiate the political and democratic integration of Europe. Based on this idea, Euroland Agora aims at contributing to the emergence of a democratic Euroland at the heart of the EU, in an innovating way that builds on modern technologies and addresses the challenge of combining democracy and transnationality.


Euroland Agora places the citizens at the core of the decision making processes, by inventing the first system of representation of their common interests; an open, permanent and multilingual assembly, enabling them to connect, identify common issues, propose, elaborate and vote on solutions, as well as take action to ensure their implementation.

  • Web-based assembly of Euroland citizens
    Euroland Agora is an transparent, efficient and democratic online space for action oriented debate, enabling and empowering the citizens to easily and directly contribute to decision and policy making on a transnational level.
  • Online video sessions
    Euroland Agora provides the platform for citizens to initiate their own conferences online, based on topics and panelists they propose and choose among themselves, as well as the space to further report and react on the outcomes of those sessions.
  • Transnational residential meetings
    The residential Euroland Agora is a laboratory of democratic participation, where the citizens develop and fine tune their positions in the form of policy recommendations towards the European institutions. In it, hundreds of active citizens meet and debate on topics they have chosen beforehand through the online Euroland Agora, finalize and vote upon their proposals, including strategies for implementation. That way, the position of the citizens on common transeuropean short term issues and long term challenges is represented in a form that is ready to turn into action.

This blended mechanism of representation of Euroland citizens sees itself as an important step towards the invention of 21st century’s transnational democracy… This time let’s do it together!

Support us on Advocate Europe!

While Euroland Agora is developing its web-based citizens’ assembly, preparations for our first residential Agora in Athens have already begun!
While you’re mentally preparing for your participation in our Agora, consider also supporting us in our preparations by helping us secure the Advocate Europe grant! It takes just two steps:

  1. Register yourself on the Advocate Europe website
  2. Login using the email and password you’ve set when registering
  3. Select our proposal by searching for it on the platform or simply by clicking here
  4. Click on the “SUPPORT” button on the top right of the proposal tab
  5. That’s it! But you’re welcome to also leave your comments on the platform, sharing your thoughts about our proposal or telling us what you’d like to achieve through our project!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Euroland Agora advocate europe

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