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February GEAB – Pensions, New techs, Climate, … A general crisis of the future

The future has been in crisis for 20 years! The February GEAB proposes a retrospective of this disease of the future or “futuritis” and anticipates along this line of understanding risks of dramatic evolution of Western governance during this decade.

On the other side of the planet, another disease – a physical one, COVID-19, brings into the present a science-fiction society made possible by new technologies, as an illustration of our discussion on the political risks linked to the crisis of the future.

If the primary trigger for the paradigm shift anticipated for this year remains, in our opinion, the end of the oil era, the crisis of all pension models (private, public, individual) – another emblematic issue of our collective mismanagement of the future – reveals the inadequacy of the financial system with demographic characteristics, calling for a paradigm shift this year.

In the great upheaval of 2020, do precious metals still provide a solid base? This is what we analyse in this otherwise gloomy issue …

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Contents :

Decade 2020 – “Futuritis”: From a crisis of the future to totalitarianism

Spill-over section… items which we don’t have the space to develop, but which we definitely want to talk to you about…

Special report – Pensions: an inevitable paradigm shift

“Precious metals” special recommendations

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