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Are leadership and democracy compatible at the trans-national level?

by Marie-Hélène Caillol 24/10/2002 We are struck by the number of actors involved in international relations and by the general spirit that drives them, strongly inspired by the “secret service” culture: entrepreneurs, oil tycoons, arms dealers, drug dealers, diplomats, politicians, journalists, diverse and varied interest groups… it is to whom ...

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Nouvelle traduction: Enabling the Muslim World

by Ralf Teschner 16/10/2002 Let’s assume for a minute that in 20 years from now the Middle East conflict will be resolved and Saddam Hussein will be gone. Israel and Palestine will have found a mutually acceptable agreement of peaceful coexistence and the Iraqi president will have been toppled by ...

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One month after the Johannesburg Summit

by V. P. 04/10/2002 In 1992, the “Earth Summit” in Rio, the first of its kind, defined concepts, established some principles and launched three Conventions: climate change, biodiversity and desertification. At the time, the end of history and the planet’s end, the United Nations had achieved a great success without ...

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Newropeans Democracy Marathon

  October 2002 – July 2003 03/10/2002   Bringing democracy to new frontiers in size and diversity A series of 100 debate-conferences on the future of Europe Organised by Newropeans and Europe 2020 Thanks to the support of Hippocrène Foundation, ACCOR Group and Bernard Rossmann Held in 100 towns from ...

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Globalization and transatlantic relations – related destinies

by Marie-Laure Djelic 19/06/2002 From the “best of all worlds”…. A few years ago, the world was simple, probably too simple. Western capitalism was triumphant and exploring new frontiers. Following the collapse of communism, there were territories to conquer. There was also a technological revolution underway that stimulated growth. Firms ...

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  May 9 – 23, 2002 03/05/2002   The first Trans-European online election First European Student Council elected and democratic 82,000 European students elect their representatives by Internet An event organized by Europe 2020 and Newropeans   Thanks to the support of the Hippocrène Foundation, the Robert Schuman Foundation, Andersen, ...

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