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May 9 – 23, 2002


The first Trans-European online election First European Student Council elected and democratic 82,000 European students elect their representatives by Internet

An event organized by Europe 2020 and Newropeans


Thanks to the support of the Hippocrène Foundation, the Robert Schuman Foundation, Andersen, EADS

Technical Partner : election.com

Patronage Committee:

Giuliano Amato, Jose-Maria Aznar, Tony Blair, Philip Bushill-Matthews, David Byrne, Michael Cashman, Nicholas Clegg, Richard Corbett, Patrick Cox, Jacques Delors, Noel Dempsey, Andrew Duff, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Antonio Guterres, Caroline Jackson, Lionel Jospin, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jules Maaten, Cecilia Malmström, Roy Perry, Jose Pique Camps, Johannes Rau, Jose Sampaio, Gerhard Schroeder, Brian Simpson, Astrid Thors, Guy Verhofstadt.

The EU-StudentVote Project was born in the Sorbonne in Paris in October 2000 during the “NEWROPEANS 2000 Congress – New Europe, New Challenges, New Generations”, from the encounter of younger generations with new technologies, and from the urging need to democratise the European Union.

From the beginning, EU-StudentVote is deep-rooted in a quadruple dimension:

. The future of the European Union, and the need for new approaches in the European construction in the coming decades

. The role of young generations and in particular that of the student engine in the invention of tomorrow’s Europe

. The importance of new technologies in this new environment

. The importance of education as a theme, and as a vector of this renewal of the European construction and methods.

The project:

95% of European students cannot mention even the name of a single student organisation, active at European level. Therefore, we can say that the democratic deficit of the European Union begins already with the young people.

The vote:

The advantages of the online voting are now obvious to most of the citizens pronouncing themselves in different opinion polls in favor of this additional way of voting :

- An easily used system from your home or from your office desk.

- A totally secure and anti-fraud system where you can express yourselves in perfect confidentiality.

- A tested impact on the spectacular increase of participation.

- The best really usable and the fastest way of voting for disabled people or citizens living abroad.

- A reduced cost allowing increased participative democracy .

- A very important source of information on matter of politics and citizen democracy .

The teams:

. Coordination

. Traducteurs

. Promoteurs

. Comité de pilotage

The trans-European candidate lists:

. Liberal Students . Communicating Europe

. Eurofederalists

. Europa Rediviva . Students for Europe

The elected European Student Council:

. Predident: Rafael Mondelaers

. Secretary General: Dennis Jlussi

. Treasurer: Daniel Tomozeiu

. Social affairs: Gudrun Lang

. Student issues: Giuliano Gennaio

. Communication: Florent Sebban

. Mobility: Paulo Renato Ferreira

EU-StudentVote in the press:

Welcome Europe.com, angelfire.com, jong VLD online, @pplications, 01net.com, Politicsonline.com, Cafébabel.com, L’Express.fr, Fenetre sur l’Europe, REACHlive, Transfert.net, Der Spiegel, studenti.it, Canal+, Le Monde, RTL Belgique, Transfac, Le Figaro Etudiant …

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