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How to keep the European spirit alive after enlargement ?

by Fred Lafeber 17/04/2002 Introduction ‘Enlargement presents an historic opportunity and an unprecedented political and economic challenge for the ever-evolving institutions of the European Union’. This statement by Gunter Verheugen ‘EU commissioner for enlargement’ is not yet shared by all people in Europe. Only 1 out of 5 EU-citizens believes ...

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Eurorings 1 – Launch seminar

  Paris (Hôtel de Ville), April 15, 2002 15/04/2002   “Towards a new EU institutional geography for a Europe closer to its citizens” Organised in partnership with the City of Paris Seminar’s executive summary Concept The European institutional system is the result of a double requirement strongly consistent with the ...

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Eurorings – Re-inventing the EU’s institutional geography

Executive summary Seminar Eurorings 1 (Paris, April 15, 2002) 15/04/2002 INTRODUCTION Right after the Euro-Launch, just before the enlargement to the Central and Eastern European Countries, and at the time when all the actors of the European construction are engaged in a debate on the in-depth reorganization of EU institutions, ...

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Seminar / Turkey 2020

Istanbul (Galatasaray), April 7, 2002 07/04/2002     Organised in cooperation with the SBKYK, Club of Political Sciences of the University of Galatasaray

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Seminar EU-CEEC 2020 – Session 4

Istanbul, April 6, 2002 06/04/2002 Political anticipation training seminar Organised in collaboration with the Club Prometheus-Istanbul and centre of documentation and research (ADAM) of the university BACHCESEHIR with the Political Science and Public Administration Club of the University Galatasaray and with the support of the European Commission Concept Dans le ...

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Fishing, Senegal, the European Union and shame for all of us

by Harald Greib 25/03/2002 Who will dare from now on to say that the European Union is absent from the major issues of the future and international politics? This remark is inspired by a small piece of information, at first glance innocuous, heard by chance on the radio – nowhere ...

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Europe and America

by Adrian Taylor 22/03/2002 “Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent Alliances, with any portion of the foreign world” George Washington, September 19th 1796 [1] “The stunning and unexpectedly rapid success of the military campaign in Afghanistan was a tribute to American capacity, but it has perhaps reinforced some ...

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