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Space: the Final White Elephant?

by Adrian Taylor 27/11/2003   Do we need a space policy ? The headlines are dramatic :  The US is spending €35 billion on military and civil space research, which represents six times more than Europe in all its configurations and geography according to the European Commission (DN : IP/03/82, Date : 21/01/2003)  “Now ...

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World trade after Cancun

  by Tim Rogmans 19/11/2003   The failure of the Cancun summit has been thoroughly analysed by many parties. Inevitably this analysis results in finger pointing at the various countries that are presumed guilty for the failure. Although every player has a different culprit to aim at (« the other guys »), ...

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What common policy of the EU towards the Arab World in 2020?

Executive summary – Seminar GlobalEurope 2020 EU/Arab world (Paris, October 14, 2003) 28/10/2003 The EU’s future common policy towards the Arab World will have to follow a very innovative direction compared to the existing bilateral relations built up by Member-States in the past decades or centuries. Combining objective factors (suchas ...

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Seminar GlobalEurope 1 / EU-Arab world

Paris (Centre Kléber), October 14, 2003 14/10/2003 Organised in partnership with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs — > Seminar’s executive summary Concept If one word was to define Euro-Arab relations, this word would be “intimacy”, i.e. with all the ambiguity the word conveys: feeling of proximity and mutual knowledge on ...

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Making Enlargement succeed or: how to complete the EU’s Eastern expansion

by Kilian Strauss 30/06/2003   Introduction Europe needs buzzwords to function. After terms like ’Maastricht’ and the ’Single Market’, two issues have come to dominate the European political debate over the last few years : the Euro and Enlargement. Both are equally important projects on the way to closer European integration, ...

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Europe needs more Union

by Kilian Strauss 29/06/2003   History in the making The date of 16 April 2003 will perhaps one day be remembered as ’historic’, along with dozens of others. On this day, an EU summit of a very particular kind was held in the Greek capital Athens. Twenty-five heads of State ...

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21st century economy : Too much short term kills the long term

by Henri de Courtivron 23/06/2003 Our economy is currently particularly dull and very few are those who can see any prospect of improvement in the near future. One of the reasons possibly explaining this situation is perhaps an unbalanced mix between all the numerous parameters to be taken into account ...

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The three post-war scenarios regarding EU-US relations

by Franck Biancheri 17/04/2003 In May 1997, in Washington, at the ’Bridging the Atlantic : People to People’ conference, organized by State Department, EU Commission and Dutch Foreign Affairs, we (a bunch of European and American citizens coming from NGOs and academia) invented TIESWEB in order to increase the relations between ...

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