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Transatlantic – Europe2020 / Tiesweb cooperation




Born more or less at the same time (1997-98), Tiesweb [1] and Europe 2020 often worked together with the hope to contribute to reinforce transatlantic links from a “people-to-people” point of view.

Beyond the structural partnership binding the two organisations, a number of concrete events brought them together:

April 26-30, 2004 / Miami Transatlantic Week 2004 – ” Reshaping Transatlantic Relations for the 21st Century – A Community Leaders Conference”

November 14-16, 2002 / Miami Week 2002 – “Reshaping Transatlantic relations for the 21st century – A citizen’s perspective”

April 12, 2002 (Atlanta) / Transtlantic Conference 2020 – “Transatlantic Security in the 21st Century: Continuity or New Directions ?”


[1] Tiesweb was created as a webportal for European and American civil societies to meet

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