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VIDEO – A Western civilisational crisis – Fighting back obscurantism: where to begin?

In the face of a collapse of rationality at the heart of Western civilisation and in the general context of change of paradigm – both dramatically accelerated by the pandemic, we are all lost in transition. Rethinking the aims, principles, contents, methods, tools and vehicles of education, appear as an existential priority.

The academic world is rich of ideas in this regard, full of all the matter required to lay down the foundations of the next model. But the gigantic amounts of money thrust at patching the waning economy hardly find the path of schools and universities. Any coherent vision anyway is missing. And we are left to wonder what relevent decision-making level has the political capacity to induce the reinvention.

Watch this 1-hour discussion among Europeans on YouTube !

– Marie Helene Caillol, Président of LEAP (FR)

– Marianne Ranke-Cormier, President of #CitizensRoute (FR)

– Geta Grama-Moldovan, Director of GEAB (RO)

– Jose-Maria Compani-Morales, Managing director of Docensas, Marketing professor at IE (ES)

– Roberto Peron, National Institute of Astrophysics | INAF · Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology IAPS (IT)

Host: Maria Zei, Supervisor Mouvement Roosevelt France (IT)

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