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Everything about “Euroland at a crossroads” and launch-conference

On April 23, 2018, at the premices and with the support of the EIB and of the foundation Ceci n’est pas une crise, the launch-conference of our publication “Euroland at a crossroads” took place. Here is a recap of the various texts and documents related to this event:

. the electronic publication “Euroland at a crossraods” (on sale for 5 euros on Anticipolis)

. Philippe Maystadt’s interview entitled “Strengthening the economic and monetary union” (free excerpt)

. the invitation including the event’s programme (Euroland – Invitation2 en)

. the event’s video (livrestream) on LEAP’s Facebook page

. the opening speech of the conference given by Pierre-Emmanuel Noël, EIB Representative for Operations in Belgium (in French : Discours ouverture PENoel)

. The European Green party’s propositions on the euro (in French : Les Verts européens sur l’euro)

. the article P. Defraigne (fondation Madariaga) published in La Libre on April 5th, entitled “For a solidary and strategic euro” (in French : Article P. Defraigne Euro La Libre – 050418)

. 3 articles by Paul Goldschmidt : Inequalities,  Completing EMU and The new faces of conflict (in French : P. Goldschmidt – Les nouveaux visages de l’affrontement.fr)

. the post-event press release : “The euro, a strategic challenge in the upcoming European election

. the paper published on 30/04/18 in the newspaper L’Echo (in French : Article L’Echo-300418)

. the article “Le testament européen de Philippe Maystadt” by Pierre-Henri-Thomas (Trends Magazine, 09/05/2018)

. the article “Débat citoyen sur la gouvernance de la zone euro” by Brigitte Blackburn (l’entreprise et l’homme, T2/2018)

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