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European Regional Policy in the Netherlands.

by Laura Trofin 11/10/2004 The Netherlands appears seldom in publications dealing with regional policy, genuine or European. Countries like Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany mostly incite the researchers interests. Despite the small dimensions of the country and of the structural funds implemented here, the manner in which regional policy is understood ...

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Seminar GlobalEurope 6 / EU-Asia

London (Foreign Office, Locarno Room), September 29, 2004 29/09/2004 Organised in partnership with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Seminar’s executive summary Concept Geographical and cultural distance are two fundamental parameters which have always characterised the relations between Europe and Asia. Indeed the road is long leading from one to the ...

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“Yes to the Constitution… But with Democracy on top of that”

Working document by Franck Biancheri for the cabinets of Ministers Barnier and Haigneré 10/09/2004 Working document prepared by Franck Biancheri, Director of Studies and Strategy for Europe 2020 and presented to the cabinets of Ministers Michel Barnier and Claudie Haigneré in October 2004 I. Yes-But Campaign: Motivations and Principles The ...

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Europe: a Union without citizens!

by régis Jamin 29/06/2004 Europe has entered into electoral dissent, there is no doubt about it. The big winner of these European elections in 2004 was the abstentionist party with 56% of non-voters, or 232 million citizens among the 352 million voters called to the polls. Unfortunately, this is exactly ...

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Citizens of the European Union, to your weblogs!

by régis Jamin 02/06/2004 The forthcoming European elections on 13 June will once again demonstrate the democratic deficit suffered by our Union, whether through high abstention rates or through the weak European programmes of the national parties.

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Make Your Vote Count

by Adrian Taylor 23/04/2004     Governments and elections Imagine what a scandal would follow if a general election in any EU Member State led to the nomination of a Prime Minister from a party that clearly lost. Worse still, if the policy programme that the Prime Minister designate presented ...

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Transatlantic – Europe2020 / Tiesweb cooperation

  16/04/2004   Born more or less at the same time (1997-98), Tiesweb [1] and Europe 2020 often worked together with the hope to contribute to reinforce transatlantic links from a “people-to-people” point of view. Beyond the structural partnership binding the two organisations, a number of concrete events brought them together: ...

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Parmalat scandal is a wake-up call for European corporate governance

by Tim Rogmans 04/04/2004   So far 29 executives of Parmalat and its banks and auditors have been charged in what is certainly Europe’s largest financial scandal ever. Profits have been overstated, fictitious bank accounts with billions of euros were created and perhaps € 1bn of investors’ money was siphoned ...

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Romania – Multi-level governance or still governing ?

by Laura Trofin 24/03/2004   Regionalisation and/during enlargement in Romania Is the young „regional structure“ challenging the centrality of the Romanian state ? The transition from a highly centralised political-administrative system to a decentralised and regionalised one is not happening very smoothly or rapidly in Romania. Triggered rather by the enlargement ...

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