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VISION 2020 : Reinventing Europe 2005-2020

A book remarked ever since its first publishing in June 2002
Jean Guyot, First financial director of the European Coal and Steel Community and former collaborator of Jean Monnet, prefaced the book.

President of the Hippocrène Foundation, the first financial director of CECA in 1951, Jean Monnet’s former collaborator, associated partner of the bank “Lazard”, Jean Guyot is one of the pioneers of the European construction. He accepted to draft the preface of the Vision Europe 2020 : ” Franck Biancheri’s protean activity could give the edge. This resolute European seems like he escapes time and space constraints. There is no moment in which his tireless capacity to take new initiatives does not work…”

European political high level figures are reacting at the distribution of Vision Europe 2020 in June 2002 : Tony Blair, Guy Verhofstadt, Jo Leinen, Roger Helmer

Many European citizens and media are making comments on Vision Europe 2020:

. ” Congratulations for your courageous initiative for the future of Europe. It is a vision which deserves attention”, J. L., Austria
. “We congratulate M Biancheri on his courageous submitting to this open virtual platform discussion his views of, and considerations on the future of the EU…”, C. S., Belgium
. “Vision 2020 expresses a certain vision of Europe’s future, which is transparent through the 14 proposals and the general background of Europe 2020 ” EUobserver


Introduction : The key problem of Europe in the decades to come is thus to reconcile the aspirations of democracy, unity and effective action: Europe no longer needs to be built, but rather to be governed effectively and democratically

14 strategic and operational proposals to build an effective and democratic European Union during the next two decades : a European Government at the head of two new administrative entities, the Heads of State and of Government at the head of the only European political executive, a powerful European Parliament integrating the European, national and regional levels, the elimination of the college of commissioners, the re-dynamisation of the Council of Europe so as to help structure the EU’s neighbourhood, a clear yet dynamic division of competences, democratic control of bureaucratic structures

100 pages of analyses and developments : the complete corpus

1. towards political Europe : placing the democratic necessity at the core of the construction
2. the reform of institutions : adapting the institutions to the challenges of the 21st century Europe
3. to succeed the enlargement : measuring the challenges and endowing ourselves with the appropriate strategies
4. the EU external relations : allowing the EU to take its responsabilities at international level. au niveau international

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