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Available now! Euro-Citizens Directory 2020!

A Tribute to the genius of a European generation!

It’s here and it’s beautiful, our Euro-Citizens Directory 2020!

The Franck Biancheri Heritage Community Eurocitizens Directory 2020 is a project initiated by the AAFB with the support and for the archives of the Fondation Jean Monnet pour l’Europe. It lists, on a voluntary basis, members of the first “Generation Europe” who crossed paths with Franck Biancheri in his research, education and activism activities.

«We, Friends of Franck Biancheri, solemnly hand over to Fondation Jean Monnet for Europe this Directory, a sample of the generation of Euro-Citizens which rose in the 80s, aware that Europe was no longer a project but a political reality. Like butterflies, these weak players flapped their wings in unisson. Whatever winds of history blew against them, the waves they sent transformed reality… the waves they sent are still transforming reality. Their history is worth digging into.» (Marie-Hélène Caillol, 22/10/2020)

Discover those who are among the pioneers of this very first edition!

Order the pdf file to download (40€) or the printed book (70€) here (Editions Anticipolis):


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