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The GEAB now has its Community!

In this time of crisis, many people are thinking about the solutions needed in order to get out of it and create a new world. Since 2008, the GEAB team has demonstrated its capacity, and therefore its credentials, to anticipate events and the systemic crisis. We are now inviting you to become part of our reflections and to exchange perspectives on current events, the most significant emerging trends, the “global systemic crisis” and the “world after”.

To this end, and following a survey we made among our subscribers, we have just created a brand new LinkedIn discussion group, called GEAB Community. We invite you to join it. We will be very happy to share our thoughts and to debate with you online on current and future issues, in the cooperative spirit which the GEAB aims to promote.

Together let’s develop a collective understanding of the challenges of the future!

Link to the group (free access)

Languages of discussion: English/French (German, Spanish, Italian welcome with the help of DEEPL Translator).

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