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August GEAB – Special dossier “European governance” (compilation of archives)

This summer’s second special dossier offers a summary of the developments in European governance as observed by the GEAB over the last few years. The compilation of excerpts thus assembled offers a systemic look at the EU’s political failures and the chaotic reactionary evolution linked to its attempts to re-establish power first through nationalism and then through the multiplication of supra-national alliances within and beyond the EU’s borders.
As the Covid accelerates all these trends, it is relevant to look back at the analyses and anticipations of the past in order to better understand and anticipate what new steps this history is taking us towards in the new context.
A sound summer reading to go back to work more far-sighted.


Contents :

2014-2020: A Mutating Europe

The EU: Sailing in a raging storm with no navigation equipment (Nov. 2016)

Global systemic crisis: the big comeback of dark Europe (Dec. 2015)

What future is there for the European Commission within the big redefinition of the Transatlantic Relationship? (Sep. 2016)

European elections 2019: the allied far rights becomes the dominant parliamentary group in the European Parliament (Mar. 2017)

Euro governance/Horizon 2020: The inevitable evolution of the ECB’s unique mandate (Apr. 2017)

European elections / Europe 2040: ‘And now for something completely different’ (Mar 2019)

The new face of post-election Europe (May 2019)

What will post-COVID-19 Europe look like? (Mar 2020)

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