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GEAB 140 – Looking back in the mirror

To be well prepared to welcome the new year, this whole issue is dedicated to an evaluation of the year’s work !

As every year in December, the evaluation of the “up and down trends” of last January was carried out, with a 70.5% success rate.

Beyond these annual trends, the GEAB team reviewed all the trend analyses and anticipations developed during the year, with the aim of updating the GEAB GPS’ “map”.

This glance in the mirror is a salutary exercise when seeking an objective understanding of current developments and in-depth intelligence of the future.

The issue also presents the usual recommendations: corporate, investors, oil,…

Editorial: A special GEAB issue on evaluation as a special year of innovation approaches

GEAB GPS: Annual update of the map

Investments, trends and recommendations (Dec 2019)

An evaluation of our anticipations for 2019 (drawn from GEAB No 131 of January 2019): 70.5% successful (27.5/39)

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