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In the latest GEAB, 26 global events to envision the 4 months ahead!

To be able to advance in a complex world that is in full transition, it is helpful to have a GPS system.

This quarterly calendar of future events is one of the many guides that GEAB offers to readers to help them navigate through the fog of the future.

The February edition presents are the “26 events that will change the world… or not” over the next four months.

We have summarised them in the chart below, rating each with a level of significance (from 1 to 10) and a potential to bring about change (weak, average, strong), where the nature of that change is indicated by the colour (positive in green, neutral or uncertain in black, and negative in red).

This table is followed by the usual information/analyses/anticipations concerning each date. Enjoy your journey into the future!

Discover this new edition of GEAB’s Future Calendars.

Découvrir cette nouvelle édition des calendriers de l’avenir du GEAB.

Contents of GEAB 132 ( 16 February 2019) :

Global Systemic Crisis : A Leap of Faith

Calendar of future events (February-May 2019): 26 dates that will change the world… or not

States-gold-cryptos: the three pillars of the next international currency

Nuclear-gas/ France-Germany: Two behemoths to form an Energy Union in Europe

International Finance: Decentralised QE

Investments, trends and recommendations

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