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December 15th 2006

{{Global systemic crisis 2007: The four most affected sectors}} (learn more ) {{International trade in 2007: The US at the origin of the big return of protectionism and commercial wars}} (learn more ) {{Exchange rates in 2007: Great turmoil in the wake of the dollar collapse}} (learn more ) {{Financial ...

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Book Vision 2020

VISION 2020 : Reinventing Europe 2005-2020 A book remarked ever since its first publishing in June 2002 Jean Guyot, First financial director of the European Coal and Steel Community and former collaborator of Jean Monnet, prefaced the book. President of the Hippocrène Foundation, the first financial director of CECA in 1951, ...

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Press Review

Receive our weekly selection of French and English press-clippings from the international online media Subscribe to our Global Systemic Crisis Press Review (Free) Name : Surname : Fonction : Email : To unsubscribe, send an « Unsubscribe RP Global Systemic Crisis » message to centre@europe2020.org

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November 15th 2006

{{ December 2006 – Dollar-Real Estate-Stock Markets: US consumer’s insolvency, a catalyst of the impact phase of the global systemic crisis}} ([Read public anouncement ->http://www.europe2020.org/spip/spip.php?article28&var_mode=calcul] ) {{Political consequences of the US mid-term election: Towards an aggravation of US leadership weaknesses (leaders facing a loss of legitimacy, economic context of recession, ...

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Yearly subscription (10 + 6 issues) Subscribe for 1 year (10 issues including present issue) and get the 6 previous issues free (+ 6 archive issues) (This subscription can appear in your general or training budget) Step 1 Yes, I wish to subscribe to 10 issues of the « GlobalEurope ...

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EU Borders – The end of the myth of eternal enlargement

{{{ {Turkey-Ukraine, two countries which will not join the EU / The Balkans, last enlargement of the next 20 years / Russia, the key to solve the EU-Turkey problem} }}} The increasing difficulties of the process of Turkey entering the European Union contrasts with the progressive entry “piece by piece” ...

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Laicity (secularism): A Highly efficient instrument of social peace

{With the French law against conspicuous religious signs, the outer world gets a glimpse of a key-instrument of France’s social-engineering invented along centuries of internal conflicts: laicity. At a time of growing internal and international social conflicts, it may be good news that this French debate finally crosses borders.} Wherever ...

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