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Don’t go West!

{{ {{{Thoughts on the planned Transition Period on Labour Movement for EU Enlargement Candidates}}} }} Enlargement in all its nuances has been dominating this year’s political agenda in Europe like no other topic, be it in the context of extending the European Union or NATO further east. As opposed to ...

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Democratize the EU… and citizens will agree to pay a European tax!

by Franck Biancheri 03/07/2001 The Euro is coming, gradually shaking up the habits inherited from 50 years of European integration from which the peoples have been excluded: out of necessity at the beginning, then out of habit. No currency without a country – No Euroland without democracy And these habits ...

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Bigger, but better ?

{{ {{{A critical reflection on the planned second wave of NATO Enlargement}}} }} Prague, September 2002. The first NATO summit ever to be held on the territory of a former Warsaw pact member draws to its conclusion, with the gathered nineteen heads of state set to approve a second wave ...

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One up for Kaliningrad – on the European agenda

Enlargement – no doubt one of the most frequently pronounced terms in Europe today. Following the recent EU summit in Göteborg, it is all but certain now that Europe will be enlarging eastwards before too long. The road map has been drawn, and the dates for the first accessions are ...

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Confidential Letter (GEAB)

{{{Practical information – Sales conditions (in French)}}} {{Who are the readers of the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin?}} GEAB is an affordable and regular decision and analysis support instrument intended for all those whose work involves some understanding of ongoing and future global trends seen from a European point of view: advisors, ...

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