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For a European pro-active and constructive policy after the terrorists attacks on the USA

Let’s create an international court against terrorism as we did with ex-Yougoslavia … and let’s prevent unilateral reactions which will fuel tomorrow’s terrorrists.

The horrifying events which just took place in New-York and Washington are part of those which put their perpetrators on the bench of some of the most terrible criminals in recent history. The event is shocking everybody worldwide and I feel the deepest sorrow for the American people and the USA as a people and country attacked by surprise, with no means to protect itself from such “kamikaze” operations.

I feel that this event, beyond the rage and frustration of the victims and the American people in general, calls already for a short time of coolminded thoughts; while of course thinking deeply, with compassion, to all those lives taken, these families destroyed in a few minutes without warning, without a chance to escape or fight back.

The terrorists have to be punished but let’s think of the most efficient way before reacting.

Let’s be clear, those who planned, funded, supported, organised and perpetrated these attacks have to be punished as soon as possible. But, this attack is not just an attack on the USA. It is an attack on all democracies and peaceful countries and people. The way the punishment will be implemented will speak, not only for the USA, but also for the future and the values of these democracies and peaceful countries most of which are closed allies and friends of the USA.

Therefore, the US reaction will have a big impact on tomorrow’s world behaviour.

My opinion is that these terrorists and partners should be identified, captured and judged as soon as possible following the example of the international justice process which has been recently implemented for the war crimes in ex-Yougoslavia.

Such an event can help set up an international court for terrorists crimes. This will help tomorrow’s world to be more peaceful and stable. Unilateral solutions and reactions will just add more anger, hatred and instability to a world who is searching its way out of the XXst century violence and for which the 11 September 2001 may mark a true start for a new era, or the entrance in a new dimension of violence, the globalised terrorism.

So, when an event is so big. It is extremely urgent to take some time to understand in all its dimensions before reacting. Otherwise, the risk (and maybe the very trap set up by these terrorists group) is to increase the general level of risks and violence worldwide.

The US will not follow this path by themselves due to their current mistrust of multilateral organisations; nevertheless there is no option out if the objective is really to fight efficiently against terrorism.

The Europeans have for once a true and clear responsabilities: – to support their best allies and friends: the Americans – simultaneously to advise them with conviction about moving towards this international justice process – and to initiate and move forward the concept even if Washington is at first not convinced.

Let’s use this sad ‘window of opportunity’ to make tomorrow’s world more secure by setting new standarts of international behaviour sanctionned by law. That’s a true European duty and I hope that our leaders will meet the challenge rather than repeating again and again that they bring their “full support though with no blank-check”.

So let’s take the pen and start writing something on the check: it should be, no use of force without simultaneous setting up of an international legal framework against terrorism.
{This article was contributed on Tuesday September 12th by Franck Biancheri to several discussion lists in the USA and in Europe and has been since then circulated by several US and EU political websites.}

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