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Switching from EU to Euroland Daring the future,

The unability of the European system to find sustainable ways towards the future, as well as the scattered aspect of the political contributions of the European leaders, show it : the EU has reached a limit. Illegitimate child of the European Community and of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, ...

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If there had been a Laeken Summit’s political message…

– {{With the Euro}}, a fundamental step in the European construction was made. A very strong link, experienced on a daily basis, will now connect the peoples and European citizens. The wish made by the founding-fathers and the post-war generation has become true: “an ever stronger union between the peoples”. ...

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Immigration, Civilisations, European Integration …, only one question matters: Do we want or not that the immigrants’ children become true Europeans?

{Since WWII, almost all EU countries, one after the other, have discovered the issue of immigration, while for decades or centuries they were only emigration countries.} {{France is the only European country facing immigration for almost two centuries}} UK, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, … all of them have been ...

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Democratize the EU… and citizens will agree to pay a European tax!

by Franck Biancheri 03/07/2001 The Euro is coming, gradually shaking up the habits inherited from 50 years of European integration from which the peoples have been excluded: out of necessity at the beginning, then out of habit. No currency without a country – No Euroland without democracy And these habits ...

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