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The Inevitable process of differentiation Euroland / European Union

Since 2003, Europe 2020 has considered as highly probable the appearance of a European crisis resulting from the failure of the Constitution’s ratification process. For this reason, Europe 2020 has been thinking for a long time already about possible alternatives to the Constitution. This reflection took shape along the various ...

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The European Union confronted with the challenge of its own democratization – The greatest political challenge for the EU during the next two decades

{{An immense political “depression” is gaining force throughout the European electorate}} An immense democratic/political “depression” is in the midst of being created in the very heart of European continental politics. The 200 million voters that chose not to participate in June 2004 are the proof. The Euro has broken the ...

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A European proposal for an exit strategy from Iraq

In the present circumstances Iraq has no way out from chaos. Quite the contrary: everyday seems to bring even more confusion and sense of tragedy: militia fights, jail abuses, terrorist attacks, bitter oppositions within the US, soaring human and financial costs of US occupation, lack of leadership and vision, collapse ...

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