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INSEEC-LEAP partnership / Doing business in 2025, as seen by 20 year old students

The second year students of the International BBA of INSEEC-Paris applied the principles of anticipation and collective intelligence during a work of exploration of the future on the theme “Doing Business in 2025”.

This work resulted in a report which LEAP is ready to offer a synthetic version on request (ask for your free copy at info@leap2040.eu).


Doing Business in 2025: A handbook for students and schools to make the most of the billions of jobs in sight!

The year 2025 is not so far ahead but it is a relevant horizon because it corresponds to the moment when beginner business students will resolutely enter the job market.

However, due to the Covid-related acceleration of socio-economic transformation, what this job market will look like by then is a concern for schools and students. Both are faced with the challenge of envisioning what “doing business in 2025” could look like in order to adapt and strategise their training schemes today.

A first very general remark on what the business world will be about in 2025 is that « it will be heading for the world of 2050 ». Indeed, each generation de facto prepares the future based on the tools of the present. This remark provides an interesting triple time-frame:

. 2050 (remote future): What project do human societies have in mind for 2050?

. 2025 (near future): What will be the principles, mechanisms and tools available in 2025 to head into this remote future?

. 2021 (present): How to prepare ourselves today to be in command of these principles, mechanisms and tools in 2025?

Based on the method of political anticipation crossed with principles of collective intelligence, our junior team conducted an exploration, identifying transformational patterns and concluding on a few guiding lines to strategize study paths between now and 2025.

Ask for your free copy at info@leap2040.eu!

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