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LEAP launches new working group – « Euroland Governance 2020 »: completing the Eurozone’s institutional embryo, securing its democratic articulation

For some twenty years, the building and management of Europe took place in the framework of the European Union (EU) which replaced in 1992 the previous framework, called European Community. This framework is now breathless. Questioned by member-states and citizens alike, attacked on every front, it endangers the European project as a whole.

However Europe is overcoming a major historical crisis in which the collapse of its common currency and various economies had been predicted. This success belongs to an institutional mechanism born from the crisis, Euroland, made of the ECB, EuroGroup, Euro Summits and EMS. This mechanism of operational: it is it, and not the EU, which brought / is bringing solutions to the great blows cast on Europe by the global systemic crisis.

Despite this technical success, a political crisis comes as a result of the lack of clarity surrounding decision making processes. The Europeans have ceased to understand how Europe functions. Lost amidst European Commission, IMF, EuroGroup and national governments, stampeded by a crisis hoovering their purchasing power, and more than even banned from any participation to decision-making mechanisms, they have fallen prey to xenophobic and anti-European populist movements.

It is therefore vital for Europe to start from fresh on a sound basis, which, this time, Europeans must be associated to. Indeed this democracy we are aiming for in the wake of Franck Biancheri1, we are not demanding it as a disinterested gift from decision-makers for moral, cultural or historical reasons; we are demanding it because it is the political tool, lever or weight capable of triggering the historical changes needed.

LEAP wishes to address this challenge consisting of acknowledging this Euroland sovereign framework, its operational efficiency and its political limitations, and to inaugurate the needed stage of political integration on this basis, completing Euroland’s institutional embryo and writing « democracy » in golden letters on the project’s terms and conditions.

Thus the « Euroland Gouvernance 2020 » working group has the following objectives:

. to make known this solution that national media and politicians struggle to see,

. to contribute to the debate on the construction of this new stage of Europe launcher,

. and to make sure that democracy is part of the construction’s programme.

To this end, LEAP is implementing:

. a regular flow of articles on its new « Euroland Gouvernance 2020 » websection: http://www.leap2020.net/category/euroland/

. a newsletter aimed in priority at European and national deputies and civil servants from the Eurozone (twice a month) – Subscribe to info@leap2020.eu (Subject: Subscribe Euroland Governance 2020 Newsletter)

. seminars on how to complete the young Euroland institutional framework bearing in mind its democratic articulation


1Franck Biancheri who eversince 1985 and the creation by him of the first European student association, AEGEE-Europe, and until he died prematurely on October 30th 2012 at the age of 51, fought relentlessly for the democratisation of Europe.

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