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Winter-Spring LEAP Academy – Well-understood principles of Political Anticipation, by M-H Caillol

The LEAP Academy’s last cycle ended this month. Along a series of 6 two-hour sessions, it gathered 14 participants who reviewed LEAP’s methodological principles and practice of anticipation. The class resulted in the production of individual written anticipations.

These exercices signal well-understood principles of LEAP’s method.

Vatican, semi-conductors, electric vehicles or silver, subjects highlight the diversity of your individual focus and interests. The participants tested the validity of their intuitions as regards to risks weighing on the future of these topics but updating their information and taking a perspective on trend dynamics. Their papers are all focused on identifying change ahead knowing unexpected change turns into crisis when it arrives into the present, while expected change is the source of our adaptative creativity. Their papers consist of clear and rationally-articulated arguments anchored in a rich, diverse and recent factual information listed as footnotes to not divert the reasoning itself.

We hope between their original hypothesis and now, they’ve clearly progressed or even modified their beliefs on the future like we do every month writing the GEAB since 16 years. We also hope some of these lessons, even if they do not write anticipations every month, will leave traces in how they address the future.

Indeed allowing ourselves to talk about the future is not only a right but a duty ; however it summons us to be responsible, serious, rigourous and fact-based… as the future is a territory of immense power which has always been prone to mass manipulation.

In this line of thinking, as it aims at both empowering citizens and raising their resistance to manipulations, political anticipation sees itself as a major tool of democratisation and citizen education for the XXIst century.

Contact info@leap2040.eu to learn about next sessions.

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