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Bigger, but better ?

by Kilian Strauss 15/06/2001 A critical reflection on the planned second wave of NATO Enlargement Prague, September 2002. The first NATO summit ever to be held on the territory of a former Warsaw pact member draws to its conclusion, with the gathered nineteen heads of state set to approve a ...

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Congress Newropeans 2000: New Europe – New Challenges – New Generations

  Paris, October 5-6-7, 2000 03/10/2000   A Congress by Europe 2020 – Newropeans – Prometheus-Europe organised thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the European Commission’s Dialogue on Europe In partnership with AEGEE-Paris, Financial Time, Rossman SA, Robert Schuman Foundation, Election.com, Internet Society, ...

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The EU from 2000 to 2020: Handling the transition

Executive summary Seminar ’How to run the EU in 2020?’ (Brussels, June 10, 2000) 10/07/2000   EUROPE 2020: GENERAL OBSERVATION “Without effective administration, i.e. suited to its environment and the demands of its time, the power of politicians is empty and democracy becomes a parody”. Two years ago Prometheus-Europe made ...

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What global geopolitical environment for the EU in 2020?

Executive summary Seminar ’How to run the EU in 2020?’ (London, June 8-9 2000) 08/06/2000 The issue: the European Union is becoming a world power. It is already a regional power in practically all fields and it is progressively becoming a global power in many sectors. What is the EU ...

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