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New European Perspectives : Will Covid unblock a European Health policy? (hosted by MRTV)

The European response to this second wave of Covid pandemia seems incoherent. No lessons learnt? Inertial incapacity to change a health system (developed after WWII) that should be adapted to new economic, environmental and societal stakes in a globalized world?

Maybe a Marshall Plan for health, as we proposed for education, would be efficient: to go forward towards a new approach to health in Europe, where we have health systems, institutions, social security and a certain cultural approach to societal stakes.

There is a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and a European Center for Disaster Medicine (ECDM). What’s their role and why haven’t they been instrumental yet in the approach to the Covid crisis in Europe? The latter one in particular has long been in charge (by the Council of Europe and WHO) to mitigate the consequences of technological and natural disasters (such as pandemic crisis like Covid) through the dissemination of the culture of disaster medicine and the training of emergency workers.

We discuss about all these issues with:

– Marie Helene Caillol, President of Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique and Publishing director of GEABbyLEAP

– Marianne Ranke-Cormier, President of #CitizensRoute

– Enrico Bernini Carri, Preseident for European Center for Disaster Medecine

– Antonio Laudani, doctor and Secretary of Departement of Health Movimento Roosevelt Italia

Host: Maria Zei, Supervisor Mouvement Roosevelt France (

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