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The future of the EU constitutional project: Analysis of the converging capacity among the various institutional players

{The internal difficulties of the member-states in continuing the European constitutional project were detailed in [GEAB Nr1->http://www.europe2020.org/en/section_institutions/121206.htm]. This month, LEAP/E2020 undertakes to analyse the converging capacity on this subject of the various institutional players. It was indeed one of the three requirements defined in this field.} Within the {{EU Council}}, ...

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A Test Case for the European Union? The Trial of Orhan Pamuk

{ {{{The trial of Orhan Pamuk had barely started in Istanbul, Turkey, on 16 December 2005, when the presiding judge adjourned the proceedings until 7 February 2006.}}} } Few are the media-savvy and news-conscious Europeans across much of the Union who will not have heard of Orhan Pamuk. An internationally ...

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France: “the suburban effect”

There are two ways in French to talk about suburbs: “la banlieue” and “en banlieue.” Say you live in “la banlieue,” and everybody knows it is in a public housing project. Say you live “en banlieue,” and it is likely to be outside Paris, for instance Neuilly, like the Minister ...

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